Did I Say That?

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If you want a glimpse of real life, watch kids.  No doubt they keep things real, no pretenses, no faking it.  They ask honest questions and call life as they see it. Somewhere along the way kids figure out it’s often best to just stay quiet and listen. I remember Mom explaining that was being tactful … just thinking, but … Read More

Don’t Stop

Suzette Brawnerfootball, grade school, kids growing up, talent show

Sitting at a grade school talent show, inspired by a rousing piano rendition of Ode To Joy, skits written by fourth graders, and a boy bouncing on a pogo stick the whole four minutes and three seconds of Van Halen’s song Jump, I had a flashback. Not like a Van Halen type flashback, but a nostalgic one. As the emcee … Read More

Suzette Brawnerkids growing up, triathlon

It’s not really part of the exit instructions when you leave the hospital with a new baby. There actually should be a warning: Don’t Blink. If you do, he will be grown. It happens so quickly, it’s like watching a time lapsed video. Yesterday it was as if I hit rewind, in an odd kind of way. Branson hosted a … Read More

Suzette Brawnerempty nest, kids growing up

I ran into my friend Jeanie at Home Depot the other day. She has a daughter and a son and a brand new granddaughter. I welcomed her into the grandmother world and we gushed over our babies. I used to laugh at people like me. Just before we said good-bye she looked at me seriously and said, “OK, Suzette, now … Read More

Suzette Brawnerkids growing up

Years ago I promised myself, after my kids were grown, I would never say to a young mother, “Enjoy them now because they will be gone before you know it.” It seems older mothers are quick to offer such comforting advice when two or more of your kids are having a major meltdown in a very crowded checkout line on … Read More